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Initiatives to prevent infection

Our approach

  • Reisenkaku Hotel, we give top priority to the health and safety of our customers and employees, and so that we can use our hotel with peace of mind.
    We are taking the following measures.

    【Front desk, lobby, restaurant】
    ・Alcohol disinfectant is installed in each place.
    ・We regularly disinfect the areas that our customers touch.
    ・We regularly ventilate and replace the air.
    ・Acrylic board partitions are installed at the front counter to prevent splash infection.

    ・At the time of cleaning, we always open the window and replace the air.
    ・The parts such as the remote control, door knob, and switches that the customer's fingers touch are alcohol disinfected.

    ・Employees are required to wear a mask when they go to work.
    ・When I go to work, I wash my hands, gargle, and take a thermometer to manage the physical condition of employees.
    ・In consideration of our customers' safety and public health, employees wear face guards or masks when they serve customers.
    ・We are instructing you to refrain from going out unnecessarily, places where an unspecified number of people gather, and participating in events.

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